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Not Your Average Ride

Phenomenal Woman Kimberly Evans

Kimberly Evans is the Founder and CEO of Just Her Ride Share. A safe alternative rideshare for women! Kimberly Evans started this company so that women like herself could have an option to choose how they experience riding with others. We are passionate about protecting women in this industry.

Business Mission

To build and create spaces that provide opportunities and access for others to thrive and grow as they explore and create innovative and new ideas that could lead to building great companies, which could allow opportunities to build legacy wealth for their families.

My current business mission is to create a community of women taking care of women in the rideshare industry and to provide a safe, reliable, stress-free rideshare experience while building a community with them. Kimberly Evans

Self Mission

Empowering others, particularly women, in overcoming obstacles that prohibit them from becoming the best version of themselves could include self-awareness and development. Starting, building, and growing businesses while building powerful networks and creating long-lasting, impactful relationships with others. Kimberly Evans

HerStory Is Making History

Let's break this down statically. The ridesharing industry is worth an estimated $61 billion. About 25% of the US population uses ridesharing at least once a month. Uber alone has over 3.8 million drivers worldwide. The ridesharing market value is projected to reach an estimated $220 billion by 2025. Lyft has a ridesharing market share of 30% in the US. The founders of Uber are Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp. The Founder of Lyft is John Zimmer. Now you might be wondering why I'm breaking this down.

Kimberly Evans founded a unique business model in the rideshare industry. The rideshare industry is another male-dominated industry. She is MAKING HISTORY. Creating such a platform is a huge undertaking, and do be so determined to create a rideshare system focused on women's transportation access and safety is extremely valuable.

Safety has become a huge issue in the rideshare industry, and assaults and serious sexual crimes impact women. So we give women the right to choose how they experience riding with others. Kimberly Evans


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